Visiting 'the land of two kings' with the victory of Bạch Đằng river in 938

Over the centuries, the lesson of the naval battle that defeated the invading Nam Hán army on the Bạch Đằng River in 938, led by Ngô Quyền, seemed far from reality but when visiting Đường Lâm “the land of two kings" - Ngô Quyền's hometown and immersing in the mossy, ancient space, the children seemed to be time traveling to the history from thousands of years ago.
Đường Lâm is a rare village still retaining quite intact the characteristics of a northern village such as banyan trees, wells, communal yards. The story of building a village and building a house told by the elderly was more interesting than ever. In just a short amount of time, the children already gained considerable knowledge about the God of Tản Viên mountain, the Four Immortals of Vietnam, and the significance of the communal house in Vietnamese village culture.
The children roamed the village and alleys, which allowed them to not only practice navigation skills but also develop their ability to observe and discover new things. At Hà Hữu Thể’s and Dương Thị Lan’s ancient houses and the Thám hoa Giang Văn Minh worship house, all three teams interviewed the host on topics such as how to make Bần sauce, the structure of the old house and titles in the palace examination system of our country. Following this, they had to pass three games of Trí Uẩn puzzle, Tấm Cám sorting game and ‘I am a little guide’ to get hints for the secret treasure.
The most well-received activity in the experience was the model making of the naval battle on the Bạch Đằng River, which showed the unlimitedness of children’s creativity. Through the children’s eyes, the heroic naval battle of the past was revived creatively. Let’s take a look at the photos from yesterday's experience!

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