Dear teachers and parents,

In your opinion, what do our children need to prepare for the future?

In the context of the increasingly integrated world with abnormal and unpredictable fluctuations, the need for innovation is imposed on all levels of education. There is plenty of evidence to show that the rigid knowledge that passively equipped students to learn quickly has become obsolete. According to international organization such as OECD, P21, besides basic knowledge, what students need for the future is to be equipped with critical thinking skills, the ability to solve problems, as well as practical life and work skills. In Vietnam, some extracurricular educational services have been established in recent years. However, after using these services designed for our children, we realize that many of the current models often only meet the needs of entertainment, practicing some soft skills or engaging in team-building games, or enhance basic knowledge (through scientific experiments). They do not focus on helping students thinking, analyzing and problem solving skills.

Due to this situation and from concerns within the field of education as well as experience in both domestic and international educational environments, we decided to establish HILL (Hanoi Innovative Learning Lab) with the objective of working with teachers and parents to overcome the above limitations. Our intention is to support students, including our children, to fill the gaps in their previous learning, to increase their competence and acquire skills needed for their future. HILL was born with the vision of pioneering the application of advanced experiential learning to transform the current education model. The HILL education method is associated with the application and development of critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making. 

HILL desires to join with you – parents and teachers. We are committed to creating a learning environment where students are inspired to constantly develop awareness, and where critical and creative thinking are encouraged and cultivated, and both the body and the soul are being fostered. We believe that this learning environment will help students grow through exploration, experience and reflection on the world around them. Therefore, they will be able to think independently, solve tough problems and successfully face many future challenges.

Best regards,
Vũ Cảnh Toàn




the conventional thinking


Actively participating


Willingness to accept new things



to be responsible




Our experiential learning programs are designed by a team of well-trained experts with an understanding of international experiential learning programs and experiences from the process of living and raising children abroad.

Accompanying HILL in the process of formation and development are leading experts in Experiential Education as well as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) domestically and internationally.