'The sound of Mê Linh Drums': Reviving history lessons

A nation will lose everything if it loses its history. It is history that carries within it the great destiny of motivating the nation with pride to move forward into the future. In fact, history as a subject has always been associated with rote learning and memorisation, lacking thinking which fails to arouse children’s interest.

Recognizing that need, HILL has built and designed a series of field trips to for students to experience Vietnamese history, with the program closely based on and linked to the content and course progression of all grades. The appeal of our history lessons comes from engaging stories, interesting artifacts of the past, and games that make it easy for students to remember, understand and visualize.
The sound of Mê Linh Drums is a historical experiential learning tour for 4th grade students at Hai Bà Trưng Temple, Mê Linh, Hà Nội. The development of the uprising was cleverly integrated in the activity "Đông A’s spirit race" . The race was a simulation of the journey from Hat Mon when the Trưng sisters (Hai Bà Trưng) waved the five-color flag symbolising the uprising, gathered troops to chant their oath and rode on elephants to attack Mê Linh, Cổ Loa, and Luy Lâu, and was honored as kings after defeating the enemy. The children also experienced making floating rice cakes (bánh trôi) - a cake that the sisters ate before dying at the Hát river. Through “play based learning” activities, history lessons come to life like never before.

To nurture the love for history in students, it is obviously not a "battle" of just teachers and educators, but also the responsibility of parents and outside of school organizations to help spread and bring history closer to the public, especially children.

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