PEBBLE SUMMER CAMP 2022: Don't let summer go to waste

Pebble Summer Camp is specially designed for students aged 8-12. This year, the pebble is the symbol of our summer camp, which is a giant rock that undergoes the rigors of nature to be cracked, bumped and turned into a smooth pebble. This is a metaphor for the process of self-training, daring to face difficulties to be able to better oneself.   

Pebble Summer Camp 2022 was held in 2 stages: the first stage from June 6th to June 10th and the second stage from June 26th to June 30th , with the participation of over 50 children from primary and secondary schools from Hà Nội. Pebble summer camp delivered practical topics such as STEAM, social science, global citizenship, combined with fostering skills, knowledge and thinking capacity through experiential education methods. The journey at Sỏi sort has brought about for children knowledge on a variety of fields and trained vital soft skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking, independence, the ability to work in a team, etc. 


On the first day at Sỏi, the children were instructed to set up rules such as making the bed, cleaning the living room, bathing and cleaning themselves after eating. These rules will develop children's discipline in shared spaces. In the afternoon, our campers had a series of team-building activities with water, which not only helped to dispel the sweltering summer heat but also was a great opportunity for new friends to get to know each other and become closer. Enjoy swimming in the cool water with us!


With a focus on play-based learning on the second day, children were able to learn and practice interesting but extremely "brain hacking" STEM games  such as building the Hà Nội tower, Da Vinci bridge, pebble tower... These small challenges couldn’t get in the way of the young scientists on their journey to discover new things. Above all, each challenge was a lesson on solidarity, cooperation and listening in teamwork. In particular, the children learned about the working mechanism of a water rocket, built their own and had a water rocket launching contest with each other.


One of the important goals of Pebble Summer Camp is to help children develop awareness of green living habits and their responsibility in protecting the environmental. Accordingly, on day 3, the children had a chance to visit the organic dragon fruit garden under the guidance of agricultural engineers and learn about planting and taking care of plants. To turn theory into practice, they got to manually sow seeds and design an automatic drip irrigation system!

Life will become greener and cleaner if we can limit industrial products and take advantage of gifts from nature. With items such as leaves, flowers, and blades of grass, the children learned how to print colors from plants and create a one-of-a-kind handmade pencil box. Children's creativity is truly limitless, isn't it?


The mission of future generations is to protect, preserve and promote the values of the country’s cultural identity. To do that, from a young age, children need to understand their homeland and the cultural identity of different regions. That is also what the children learned at Pebble Summer Camp on the 4th day. They participated in the ‘Ring the golden bell’ contest with a series of questions about folk songs, proverbs, culture, and customs that made many candidates ‘tear their hair out’. Day 4 ended with making nutty ginger sticky rice bar (chè lam) - a specialty from the Vietnamese countryside. 


The last day of summer camp ended with kite making and decorating. HILL hopes that our campers will also fly high and freely discover new knowledge to reach new heights in life like these beautiful kites.

The Organizing Committee of Pebble Summer Camp 2022 hopes that the interesting experiences and knowledge over the 5 days will help the children become more confident. Our thanks and appreciation to the parents, the team of expert advisors, all the collaborators and campers who have contributed to the success of this summer camp.

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