HILL accompanying Japanese International School in the school experiential learning program

Experiential education activities are activities directed, designed and guided by the Ministry of Education and Training to help students connect knowledge to the real world, experience positive emotions, and develop fundamental qualities and abilities. With this goal, HILL has collaborated with Japan International School (JIS) to organize a series of experiential activities based on Social Sciences and Natural Sciences knowledge for students in different grades.

Grade 1 & 2: ‘Water Festival’ at Steamland Experience Center

Water is an extremely valuable resource necessary for all lives and development on Earth, yet is finite. Understanding the value of water will help children use water in a reasonable and economical way. That was the goal of the experiential learning day at the Steamland Experience Center with the theme ‘Water’. 

Within this topic, the children participated in challenges at the three Solid - Liquid - Gas stations to learn the different states of water, practice making slimes and creating water rockets. The water rocket race was perhaps the most memorable experience from this journey: exciting, intense and challenging.

Grade 3,4 & 5: 'Multicultural diversity of ethnic groups' at Vietnam Ethnic Village Of Culture & Tourism

What ethnic group are we? What is the difference between the Kinh and other ethnics? Respect for differences is one of the important perspectives in education, especially heritage education. The trip to Vietnam Ethnic Village Of Culture & Tourism was an opportunity for the little ones to embrace the beauty of the culture of ethnic groups in all parts of the country and be more proud of Vietnam. 

Grades 3, 4 and 5 were assigned tasks according to the level of increasing difficulty. Grade 3 learned about the culture of the Hmong people, enjoyed the Khen panpipe dance, practiced drawing patterns on textiles and experienced cooking colored sticky rice. Grade 4 learned about Dao culture, precious medicines from plants and making sticky rice dumpling (bánh rợm). Grade 5 learned about Tày culture, listened to Thèn singing, redesigned the stilt house map and made round glutinous rice cake (bánh dày) filled with beans. 

Grade 6 & 7: ‘Kite movement – Wind energy’ at Bá Dương Nội Kite Village

Kite is a familiar folk game associated with the childhood of rural children roaming the fields. Visiting Bá Dương Nội Kite Village - a small village nestled by the Red River, students were able to return to the peaceful village ambience as they sat under the ancient village communal house and learned about the kite from childhood. 

Physics lesson delivered not in the lecture hall but by a teacher who is a craft village artist will probably make an unforgettable impression. The knowledge of force was applied to explain the movement of the kite at high altitude. 'Kite race' was the name of the second activity consisting of challenges at three stations Bamboo - Paper - Rope - the 3 most important materials in kite making. The race required several factors: speed, skills, thinking capacity and teamwork ability.

Grade 8,9 & 10: ‘Energy metabolism’ at the Atomic Energy Information Center

The experiential learning day on energy transformation at the Atomic Energy Information Center of Tạ Quang Bửu Library, Hanoi University of Science and Technology was more interesting than ever with a variety of fun and educational activities such as watching 3D movies about the power of radioactive energy, designing using modern 3D printers, archery games, and throwing rings in the chemical element board. 

Critical thinking, creativity, cooperation skills, teamwork were called on by students in the challenging Trí Uẩn puzzle game. Returning from the trip, each of the students possessed not only significant knowledge about the cosmic world and the energy around us, but also a homemade windmill with environmentally friendly materials.

“Experience and grow in an ever-changing world” is the motto that out program designers always strive towards with the hope of a young generation with a wealth of knowledge, courage and skills in the future.

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