ESD Camp, Lào Cai 2022: When legacy becomes a precious experiential learning lesson

Ếch Sọc Đỏ Camp (ESD camp) is the first and only boarding camp in Vietnam built on the content of Education for Sustainable Development coordinated by UNESCO under the United Nations Agenda 21. After 03 years of successful organization: 2019 in Hội An, 2020 in Ứng Hòa, 2022 in Lào Cai and Nam Định, ESD Camp has made a big splash, helping HILL to be selected as a social partner in the research project of Uppsala University (Sweden) on the informal learning component for sustainable development.

This year, ESD Camp chose Hón village, Nghĩa Đô commune, Bảo Yên district, Lào Cai province - a land rich in cultural identity as the destination. The Tày people living in Nghĩa Đô have a long history of residence, hence the many unique cultural , which offer great potential for community-based tourism development. However, in the context of the rigorous 4.0 revolution, what will happen if this folklore knowledge is not transmitted and passed down by the next generations? 

ESD Camp 2022 was designed as a community project. In 06 days and 05 nights, fromSunday (June 19th, 2022) to Friday (June 24th, 2022),campers participating in this project worked with local children to learn and promote the cultural beauty of the Tày people in Nghĩa Đô. 25 children aged 12-15 years old were divided into 5 groups. Each group had the companionship of 01 local child and the guidance of 01 teacher - a bachelor or a master's graduate majoring in Anthropology.Through interviews with local people, fieldwork, and video editing using Visual Anthropology methods, campers had the opportunity to practice and develop important skills such as teamwork, communication, presenting, debating, asking questions, etc. 

Photo: The Exploding Cat group made a movie on "Nghĩa Đô duck". Watch here.

Photo: The Pì Nọ group made a movie with the theme "The stilt house of the Tày". Watch here. 

Photo: The Gao Superman group made a movie with the theme "Thèn singing of the Tày". Watch here.

Photo: The Sú group displaying a photovoice with the theme "The Tày costumes: simple and unique". Watch here. 

Photo: Phấy Cải group displaying photovoice with the theme "Weaving of the Tày in Nghĩa Đô". Watch here.

At the end of the project, the children prepared a photovoice exhibition and film screening for the community by themselves. The exhibition received the attention of and positive response from the government of Nghĩa Đô Commune People's Committee and a large number of local people. Moreover, as part of the project, campers will contribute an English bookshelf to Nghĩa Đô Primary and Secondary School to encourage reading culture for local children.

ESD Camp organizers would like to express our sincere thanks to Nghĩa Đô Commune People's Committee, Hoàng Văn Nha homestay, Hoàng Văn Đông homestay and all people of Nghĩa Đô commune for creating favorable conditions and helping the project achieve brilliant results. 


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