STEAM is a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This method provides students a framework to mobilize knowledge from different academic fields to solve real-life problems. Therefore, STEAM is considered a spectacular transition in the educational revolution from a passive learning to an active learning. Because of its high applicability, the best STEAM lesson for children is the colorful real world around them.
STEAM TOURS is an experience learning program designed by HILL with 8 extremely attractive STEAM topics for students aged 8-12:

The attraction of STEAM Tours comes from:

  •  Learn through hands-on activities and engaging games
  •  Practice life and work skills: observation, questioning, teamwork, problem solving, analysis and comparison, etc.
  • Integrating STEAM with materials in the treasure trove of Vietnamese heritage
Vietnam Bear Rescue Center in Tam Đảo National Park is a place to care for and rehabilitate more than 180 individuals of sun bears and moon bears rescued from illegal bear farms. Children heared and learned about the extinction of wild animals through books and television, but participating in a new experience, witnessing daily practices in a place where bears are being nurtured will be an opportunity for children to apply their knowledge in a real-life context. The observation is applied when the children visit the bear rescue camp, thereby stimulating curiosity and actively asking questions. Why is 'gấu ngựa' called the Moon Bear, and 'gấu chó' called the Sun Bear? Why do people suck bear bile? What is the difference between bear bile and honey? 
Through 'Rescuing teammates' and 'Searching for sources of life' games, children were able to give general opinions such as 'food, water and shelter are essential factors for animal survival'. It is illegal to keep bears in captivity for bile. Bear bile contains a substance known to cure some liver diseases but using traditional medicinal plants is effective, safe and does not harm the animals.
The ultimate goal of experiential learning is that your child can use knowledge to solve problems and make decisions. The best thing we gained after the trip was that the children knew that there are many things they can do to help the bears such as saying 'No' to bear bile, protecting the forest and preserving bears and wild animals home, sharing with friends and relatives what children have learned at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center and Tam Đảo National Park.
Anything in the world around them seems to be more interesting than ever. Let's give your child the opportunity to experience and grow with HILL!

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