MINI LAB are toy boxes used to develop thinking ability through scientific experiments. All the tools and practice materials inside the box meet the toy safety criteria. Attractive scientific experiments and models are selected and divided by topics suitable for a variety of ages and cognitive levels of children. 

Staring with the hands on practice, children directly learn from the materials. The phenomena happening during the practice will stimulate children to actively observe, ask questions, seek ways to solve problems when facing difficulties and challenge their own creativity to create the ultimate science experiment. 

The box comes along with a detailed guidebook with vivid, colorful pictures, as well as information and questions to help develop the children’s thinking ability and to encourage an interest in scientific exploration. In addition, MINILAB provides a visual guide including instructional videos to meet the needs of children while they are actively acquiring useful scientific knowledge. 

MINILAB is an eco-friendly educational product. The scientific box is designed on the principle of minimizing unnecessary packaging and minimizing tools.

Currently, MINILAB has launched 05 sets of toys with attractive scientific topics:

MINILAB box “Christmas” – 150,000 VND

MINILAB box “Earth” – 150,000 VND

MINILAB box “Energy” – 195,000 VND

MINILAB box “Gardening” – 205,000 VND

MINILAB box “Chemistry” – 235,000 VND