ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) is an educational program coordinated by UNESCO under the United Nations Agenda 21. ESD covers most areas of focus in life. The contents of the ESD are tied to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals will be integrated throughout the content and activities of the ESD Summer Camp – Red Striped Frog. 

  • Linguistically, 'Red Striped Frog' (Ếch Sọc Đỏ) in Vietnamese if abbreviated would also be the English reading of ESD. The summer ESD camp is called 'Ếch Sọc Đỏ' in Vietnamese as a way to make the ESD concept memorable, callable, and accessible to the community.
  • Symbolically, the Red Striped Frog is an amphibian. As an indicator species, the presence of frogs in an area, at a time, can indicate the state of the ecosystem and the environmental conditions in which they exist. Red-striped frogs in particular and amphibians in general are facing the threat of extinction due to environmental pollution. Therefore, one of the messages of the 'Ếch Sọc Đỏ' camp is to take action against the threats that are present every day to the environment on the green planet.

The ESD camp series– Ếch Sọc Đỏ ams to the following goals: 

  • Raise awareness of global issues and problem-solving capacity: provide the terms of environment, ecology and biodiversity; aware of threats to biodiversity; understand the role of natural resources and how to manage them properly, etc.
  • Improve thinking capacity (observation, asking questions, taking notes, analyzing problems, ...)
  • Practice working skills (leadership, collaboration, presentation, ...)
  • Cultivate the ability to live independently and student's behaviors in collective life

ESD Camp 2019 with the theme "Life on Land" was held at An Nhiên farm, Cẩm Kim, Hội An in association with partner Green Youth Collective (GYC). GYC is a social enterprise towards sustainable development and equitably sharing welfare between people and nature, with the main solution being sustainable gardening and education. 

The summer camp consisted of 3 modules: Sustainable Living, Sustainable Ecosystems and Sustainable Communities with contents such as: spatial thinking and orientation skills, principles in waste management, roles of flora and fauna in ecosystem restoration, the role of seedling nurseries, the nature of organic fertilizers, renewable and non-renewable resources, etc.

The above content was designed according to the method of play-based learning. For example, in the "Garbage resource" lesson, the children worked in groups to come up with ideas for recycling and reusing things that seem to be no longer usable. With unlimited imagination, the children created lovely headbands and hair ties, handy cloth bags, toothpaste from bamboo charcoal or recycled soap, etc.

Photo: Some activities in ESD summer camp 2019 in Hội An with the topic "Life on Land"

Following the success of ESD Camp 2019, ESD Camp 2020 was held at the Kite House of Experience and Creativity, Ung Hoa, Hanoi. The Summer Camp focuses on environmental and climate change goals, aiming to education about awareness and increasing problem-solving abilities for students. 

The children learned about 17 goals for sustainable development. The notions seemed to be full of academics but were explained funnily and interestingly by the children. They made soapy water for washing clothes, designed a habitat box, interiors from plastic bottles, clothes from old newspapers or accessories from fabric waste, etc.

Photo: Some activities in ESD summer camp 2020 in Ứng Hòa, Hà Nội

In 2022 ESD Camp 2022 restarts as a community project. Campers participating in the program will work with local children to learn and implement media products (video clips and photovoice) to promote the cultural beauty of the Tay people in Nghia Do commune, Bao Yen district. , Lao Cai Province. Through interviews, fieldwork, and video/photovoice editing according to the methods of Visual Anthropology, campers will have the opportunity to practice and develop working skills such as communication, collaboration, and note-taking , ask questions, etc. At the same time, within the framework of the project, campers will contribute an English bookcase to Nghia Do Primary and Secondary School to encourage reading culture for local children.

After 5 days of project implementation, the campers successfully organized a photovoice exhibition on the topic of 'Tày costumes' and 'Weaving of Tày people' as well as showed 03 films of Humanity about the following topics: Nghĩa Đô duck, Tày people’s house on stilts and traditional Then singing. The exhibition received the attention and responses of the People's Committee of Nghĩa Đô commune and a large number of local people. 

Photo: Some activities in ESD 2022 summer camp in Nghĩa Đô commune, Lào Cai province

ESD summer camp has made a difference because besides developing life skills, independence, critical thinking, and communication, each camper has initially realized the message of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development). We hope that families will accompany their children in maintaining their way of thinking and working towards this goal. HILL is always ready to share with families and their children informations and knowledge about ESD.

If you require more information about our programs, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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